We’re now at a 5 week marker to being back in Chicago.  Which is crazy and awesome, and I’m totally unprepared.  As in haven’t packed a single box.  As in no idea what I’m going to do when I get out there.

Also, exactly in 5 weeks I turn 30.  So that’s fun.  My whole ’30 before 30′ thing that I idealized 2 years ago, is in fact, silly.  Although I did cross off a big portion off my list.  And I am going to LA in a few weeks, mostly because I put it on my list.  I also can do a million push ups, too, which is also because I added it to my list.  So there’s that.

The cardio challenge has definitely held me accountable.  I’ve missed 3 days this month, the first because I scheduled my time poorly, the second because I was hungover, and the third was from being ridiculously tired from a double the day before, and I was working another double that day.  I was actually proud of myself for listening to my body and saying no to a workout that morning.

I’ve joined corepower yoga, and I love it.  Seriously.  I get a really awesome workout, I feel strong, and I leave not disappointed in myself.  My intention at the beginning of every practice is to do the best that I can, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  One of the teachers recently said

Forget your history, it has no place in the present

and I’ve really taken that to heart.

I think the whole point of my challenge was because I wasn’t being healthy and I was giving excuses to justify why I had gained x amount of weight.  I also REALLY hoped I could post an ‘after’ picture, and show everyone how fit and happy I am.  Maybe after some time I’ll post amazing yogi photos.  Of me doing crow in awesome ridiculous pants.  THAT WILL BE AMAZING.

So I’m at day 23 of the challenge.  I’m mostly fit.  But I’m happy.



Day 1

It’s been a million years since I last posted.  Or perhaps, almost 2?  I don’t know.  I have plenty of excuses, but I’ll spare the cliche details.

I AM writing again.  So, there’s that.

In 2 months, we’ll be back in Chicago.  I’m excited, scared, happy and sad all at once.  I feel a bit like a quitter, and a bit like a snob.  Denver wasn’t the city for us.  For me, probably is the better statement.  Too small, too new.  Too not like Chicago.  So we’re moving back.  But moving forward. 

SO!  I made up this 30 day cardio challenge.  Because I’ve been not getting enough exercise and eating crap from work.  Today started day 1.  The ‘challenge’ is that I have to complete some form of cardio each day- either running, hiking, cycling, swimming, etc.  I can do 20 minutes of that per day, or 30 minutes of yoga.  I’m not excusing not exercising on days I work a double, because I’ve been using that excuse for the past year. 

So day 1.  Hot yoga for an hour.  I took a class last Friday, as well, and actually managed to do crow pose (thanks too all my push ups.  I guess I can cross that off my 30 before 30…) !!!

Eat it, Cardio Challenge.

So much for being good…

On top of my eating out, Christmas shopping and last minute dance shoe shopping….I haven’t been so good this month.

I also bought these for myself, courtesy of the awesome blog that is Oh Joy!


I couldn’t help myself.  I mean, a lady needs things to sleep in and have at home dance parties in.  And with my coupon, really, these items practically paid for themselves. 

I cannot wait to try them on and have said at-home dance party.  Want to join?  Come in your onesie, and I can assure you there will be booze.  It is the Holiday season.  Let’s all be merry and tipsy and wear clothes that are snuggly and oversized for all that indulging.

And then in January I’ll go back to a no spend month and living at the gym.


The lessons I learned

My 31 days of No Spending are officially over.  DANCE PARTY!!!

I am THRILLED that I made it through last month.  I honestly didn’t realize how challenging it would be.  I thought it would be me bringing in lunch every day, and not ordering in pizza on the weekend, etc., but it turns out I have a major food weakness, as do my friends.  And who wants to turn down fries and drinks after rehearsal?  No. One.

On the bright side, my spending was drastically reduced by 28%!!  Who knew I had that kind of willpower?

Last month put me in a much better place financially, and it felt incredible to be able to pay down a large chuck of change on my one student loan.

This month I decided to continue trying not to spend excess money, but more no restrictions on eating out.  I’m in tech week right now.  I think I’ve said enough.

Seriously though, I miss sleeping.

Experiences over…

Sometimes I wake up and really want to buy a fancy coffee like a pumpkin spice latte or something hazelnutty.

Sometimes I try to convince myself that it’s okay, and I can buy that nail ridge filler that I don’t need will change my life.  (Thanks Garance )

And then sometimes I have my girlfriends over for a fancy grilled cheese party, and I realize that I can be social without having to spend a lot of money.

My Friend Nina recently shared her current mantra of ‘Experience over clothes, Experience over clothes.’

My friend Nina is one smart lady.

9 more days!  But this really far from over 🙂


The Halfway Point

We’re at day 15, and not only did I not spend any extraneous money this weekend, I managed to go out and be social at the same time!  It was fantastic!  Below are some key moments to my roller coaster weekend 🙂

High Point – Spending time quality time with the boy

Low Point – Almost caving to boy’s want of delicious steak tortas

High Point – Sticking to my guns!

High Point – Getting ready for my friend’s 30th birthday

Low Point – Realizing the bar has a $10 cover charge…

High Point – Getting into the bar sans the charge!  Not sure if it was because I got there right before 10, or if the doorman thought I was cute…Either way, Erin for the win!

Low Point – Knowing I couldn’t buy myself a drink, and wasn’t willing to flirt for a free one.

High Point – Being social with the cast of Pippin at DuckFat after a grueling rehearsal!

Low Point – Watching everyone else drink and eat, while I sipped on water…

High Point – Realizing today that I lost weight from not eating out…!

High Point – Knowing that at the halfway point of the month, I’m doing really well.